Density, Design, and Preservation: Ways to Promote Livability and Affordability

10/03/2017 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM PT


Special Event


  • Free


Note: This talk is held at the University of Oregon, White Stag Block, 70 NW Couch Street, Portland.


Portland is struggling to balance the need for more affordable housing with the desire of city residents for better-designed new development that people will want to preserve decades hence. While some see affordability, good design, and historic preservation as being in conflict, others believe that advocates for these goals can and should work together. In this talk, Ed McMahon, the Urban Land Institute’s Senior Resident Fellow for Sustainable Development and a nationally renowned authority on sustainability, urban design, and historic preservation, will discuss density and affordability in “hot market” cities like Portland.


Based in Washington D.C., McMahon is known as an inspiring speaker and an authority on smart growth. He chairs the National Main Street Center Board and previously served as Vice President for The Conservation Fund, taught law at Georgetown University Law Center, and served in the U.S. Army.


This talk is sponsored by the University of Oregon Historic Preservation Program, with co-sponsorship from the Architectural Heritage Center, Restore Oregon, and the NW Examiner.


Free admission, but pre-registration is recommended.

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